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Kashif Siddiqi’s journey in football is one of many travelled routes and societal accomplishments. Being only one of a handful of British South Asian players to have made a living from the professional game, life has certainly accelerated since the early days of academy football in England.

Siddiqi’s international and club team experiences have taken him around the world; from playing professional football in California to playing the sport in the Persian Gulf. The transition from West London to the West Coast made no effect on his lifestyle and he tributes his mother for his humble upbringing and good nurturing of his faith. His achievements both on and off the pitch to date are all credited to his mother and god.

Kash has become renowned for his humanitarian efforts and has been recognised for his philanthropic work by Prime Minister David Cameron, His Highness Prince Albert the II of Monaco and the United Nations.

Being only 26, he has always been aware of the role he can play in challenging the under-representation of South Asians in Sport and equality for girl’s. In 2012, he set up The Kashif Siddiqi Foundation (KSF), supported by the Professional Footballers Association and the Football Association in the UK. In 2013, he Co-Founded the Football For Peace movement alongside South American Legend and FIFA’s top 100 greatest players of all time, Elias Figueroa. Football For Peace’s aim on the global stage is to use peace matches as a platform to highlight different causes while opening channels of dialogue between countries. The initiative is sanctioned by the United Nations Sport For Development and Peace.

The young philanthropist has a strong belief that if you’ve been successful on your journey, then you are obligated to take as many people on the continued journey with you.

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    •  2013 – Invited to talk as keynote speaker at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Addressing girls education
    •  November 8th 2013, invited by Peace and Sport of Monaco to be inaugurated as a Champion of Peace, under the High Patronage of His Highness Prince Albert II.
    • September 2013, shortlisted by the Asian Football Awards for the Inspiration Award at Wembley Stadium.
    • 2013, A Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School.
    • 2013, Signed to Northampton Town FC in the English League 2. Making him only 1 in 4 South Asians playing professional in the UK.

    •  2013, Co- Founded Football Football Peace
    •  Vice Captain of the Pakistan XI team
    • 2012, Founded The Kashif Siddiqi Foundation
    • In 2012, invited by Prime Minister David Cameron, at Number 10 Downing Street to discuss his achievements within the South Asian community.
    • Played professional football in 3 different continents

    •  Announced as a UN Players For Peace Ambassador.
    •  In 2011, invited to represent South Asians in sport at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year alongside Amir Khan.
    • 2011, Named Asian Star Ambassador for Chelsea FC.
    • In 2010, nominated for Most Up and Coming Sports Personality of the Year
    • Made debut in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Qualifiers.
    • 2005 First South Asian to be awarded a soccer scholarship and played professionally in three different leagues in the USA.

Brand Ambassador

Kash has also been named a Brand Ambassador for several projects & companies, which highlights his demeanor and values, and the case why he is often chosen to represent different initiatives.



Kash is proud to be in partnership with the following.

Domestic Football

Kashif is one of a handful of British South Asian players to have made it in the professional ranks. In 2013, he became only one in five British South Asians to have been signed by an English Professional League Club, Northampton FC. He was also the first British South Asian to have been awarded a scholarship for soccer in the USA and play football in Europe, North America and the Middle East. While his achievements may be inspiring, it hasn’t been all plain-sailing for Siddiqi, who has suffered quite a few setbacks and has had to deal with a number of career-threatening injuries which resulted in a stop-start career. In 2005, he suffered a Liz Francs break in his foot, which was close to put an end to a short career. This injury has seen many world class athletes hang up their boots, however through his family support and his faith; he managed to fight toward full fitness. Unfortunately, in 2010, Siddiqi was sidelined again for 18 months after being wrongly diagnosed of having a hernia and having surgery later again for a hip labrum tear. The misdiagnosis caused several complications which has had an effect on his international and club career. Regardless of the setbacks, he has played and broke through many barriers at a high level on a global stage and is enjoying a successful career.

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International Football

Since making a debut on the International circuit and playing in the 2008, Beijing Olympic Qualifiers, Kashif Siddiqi has become known to many and dubbed as “Pakistan’s International Globetrotter” by the UK’s leading Asian newspaper, the Eastern Eye. The name has been earned for travelling across the globe, playing football domestically and in continents far away, such as Asia, the Middle East to North America. Leading a jet-set lifestyle which most people can only dream of Siddiqi has had the determination and support of his family, which lead to him balancing his football career as well as earning a degree.

Siddiqi made his international bow with the U-23 team in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Qualifiers, playing against Bahrain, Kuwait and hosts Qatar. He then went on to make his senior team debut in the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship in 2008 held in the Maldives, playing the hosts, India and Nepal. In 2011, his international career then took him to Malaysia, to play in the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers in Kuala Lumpur, competing against Turkmenistan, India and Chinese Taipei.

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KSF Foundation National

All the experiences, the heartache and the achievements in Siddiqi’s career have sparked the desire to help others in their dreams through the Kashif Siddiqi Foundation.

Established in 2012, KSF works with national governments and international partners to build programmes which promote education through sport.

A health and sports charity which use’s sport as a catalyst in creating a platform for future generations to excel and lead healthier lifestyles. The ethos is to: Inspire, Believe and Achieve.

For more information visit the KSF Foundation website


Football for Peace International


Football For Peace (FFP) is a global sports movement dedicated to creating opportunities and uniting people by implementing award winning peace matches on different continents as a diplomacy to promote peace through sport.

In alliance with our supporters, our aims are to raise funds and establish legacy academies which highlight peace, cultural exchange and promote opportunities and equality.

For more information visit the FFP Foundation website



  • “The sporting community has the power to advance humanity and to help ensure that all children everywhere have access to health care, education, opportunities and equality. (FIFA’s Top 100 Greatest Players of All Time & 3 Times South American Player of The Year)

    Jonathan Greey

    Co Founder - Gol iluminado / Football For Peace

  • Its an honor for the Football Association to support the great work Kash is doing for the next generation of aspiring athletes. 

    Jonathan Greey

    Head of equalities -

  • The football community has the power to advance humanity and to help ensure that all children everywhere have access to health care, education, protection and equality. Kashif Siddiqi  is a unique individual who is providing programs and initiatives with logistical and strategic expertise.  He has consistently demonstrated acts of kindness and goodwill. As a result, we are honoured and privileged to have Kash as a UN Players For Peace Ambassador of Goodwill

    Jonathan Greey

    President - Futbal Masters







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Kashif Siddiqi is a professional footballer for Northampton Town FC and Pakistan. He also co-founded the Football for Peace initiative that organises Peace matches around the globe that raise awareness and funds for legacy projects in the local area.


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